Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Welcome (The Big year)

Hey everyone,

This is day one on my blog. My intention is to update the blog daily with my birding endevours through the winter and beyond. I will be posting bird sightings general thoughts on birding related topics in Newfoundland,as well as trip reports and summaries of the bird tours and workshops that I offer.

In September of this year I decided to do a Newfoundland big year. A personal challenge of sorts to see as many species of birds in the province as possible in 2009. My goal at the time was to hit 250 species. My list has stagnated at 240 and looks as though additions from here will be difficult to say the least. Still though it was a worthwhite experience and lead to more time than usual spent in the field. With the potential to be spending a lot of time in the Codroy Valley again this summer, I'm considering doing another big year,but this time starting on January 1st- we'll see how it goes.

As well I will be leading the Winter on the Avalon tour this weekend (IT SOLD OUT IN 5 DAYS) and I will be posting a trip report and species list from that as well. Attached is a poster that I created to advetise the tour. I'll be offering another tour in early-mid January so look for updates here and on nf.birds. That's it for now......Soon I will be dreaming of Fieldfares!!!

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