Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gull Workshop II Announced

The second installment in my gull workshop series will be offered the weekend of January 23-24. This workshop will be very comprehensive and will cover all species that regularly winter in St'John's.The material will be presented in such a way that I will be comparing similar species in similar plumages. For example, adult Glaucous Gull vs Iceland Gull1,1st winter Herring Gull vs 1st winter Greater Black-backed Gull vs 1st winter Lesser Black-backed Gull, Common Gull vs Ring-billed Gull in all plumage's,Black-headed Gull vs Bonapartes Gulls in all plumage's and more! At the end, I will thoroughly discuss the identification of Yellow-legged Gulls, comparing them to possible identification pitfalls presented by Herring Gull X Lesser Black-backed Gulls and some pale Lesser Black-backed Gulls.

Also, of great importance I'll provide a thorough presentation of the moult cycles for all species we can expect to see. Moult state is something that all experienced gull watchers consider when identifying gulls. Different species moult at different times of year and having this knowledge often makes the difference in some identifications. Of course, everyone will be provided with a soft copy of all the material,in the form of a power point presentation.When the workshop is over you will have the option of participating in an ongoing Quiz bird series that will serve to further reinforce the material learned in the classroom and field sessions.

Due to the comprehensive nature of this workshop I can only accept a maximum of 8 participants.Please contact me if you wish to reserve a spot.( if you are interested but can only attend one day please contact me and we'll work something out).


  1. Dave, love the new blog. Good luck with it. I, along with many other northeastern US birders, will be looking forward to hearing about more Newfoundland rarities and gulls.
    PS - Send a Redwing please.

  2. Hey Nick,

    We're still waiting for one of those this year. We have a large berry crop and Robins are just starting to arrive in the city. I wouldn't be surprised if either a Redwing or Fieldfare is reported within the next two weeks.


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