NF Birding by Season

There is almost always interesting birding in Newfoundland at any time of year,although each season offers something different. A year birding in Newfoundland can be broken into pieces,each of which is equally interesting. Some seasons are better for vagrants from a Newfoundland perspecive,while other are better for vagrants from a North American perspective. Some people have referred to Newfoundland as ``Attu East`` in reference to the possibility for find North American mega rarities.

Newfoundland has added more than a few birds to the North American list and is the best place to find a number of other European strays. Over the last 10 years,some of the more notable include Eurasian Oystercatcher, Common Redshank,Common Greenshank,Pink-footed Goose, Greylag Goose,Western Reef Heron,Little Egret, Grey Heron Garganey( a few,),Fieldfare,Common-ringed Plover etc. Add to this the annual European Golden Plovers, Northern Wheatears, Redwing and Yellow-legged and Slaty-backed Gulls and you can see that newfoundland can be one of the most exciting birding locations in all of North America. However, there is much more to birding in Newfoundland that just chasing rarities and below I will breakdown a year in Newfoundland birding as I see it.

Spring- Returning Breeders,Alcid Spectacle and Euro Strays

To be continued...

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