Sunday, December 27, 2009

St.John's Christmas Count

Today I participated in the St.John's Christmas count. Overall, It was a very uneventful day in terms of the doversity of species seen. Our two man team, had just 22 species in the 8 hour day. We had one of the better areas in the city,but you just can't see what's not there. Again,where are the berry and cone eating birds? There is an abundance of natural food all across the island this year,so it's been postulated, that perhaps the Robins,Waxqings and Crossbills, will arrive later than usual in the city. There have been flocks of the above seen west of the Avalon Peninsula,so perhaps they will move east,devouring Mountain Ash and Spruce cones as they go.Here's hoping they arrive sooner, rather than later,as songbird birding has slowed considerably.

Well, it's been a long day,which will result in short blog.I'm in the process of preparing the material for the upcoming Gull workshop II,so perhaps I'll write something gull related tomorrow.

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