Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bird of the Day Feature

I added a you tube gadget today that plays you tube videos. I plan on using it to feature a bird of the day. it's located at the end of the sidebar. Sometimes it will be related to my blog post that day,other times it will just be a cool bird that I like, or an interesting video.

Note** sometimes the video will change for no reason from my intended video, to some random you tube selection. I'm not sure why this is happening,but it seems to go back to the the intended video if you click on a photo or something,then click back to get back to the blog. I hope to have this sorted out soon.

If you were unable to access the bird of the day,or instead of a bird video you see a random musician or car video etc, please leave a comment and let me know,just so I know how this is working.

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