Friday, January 15, 2010

Redwing Bagged Again- 3rd Day Running

Today I was guiding Manitoba birder Liis Veelma. Out primary focus was the Trepassey Redwing. It took some time before the bird made itself visible,but after about an hour we enjoyed great views of this Eurasian stray and North American mega rarity. This represents the third day in a row that I have seen this bird, pretty awesome!. After bagging the Redwing,this freed up some time for general birding. Our second most wanted bird was King Eider. We drove out to the Drook at Cape Race and found only 12 Eiders,where there had been 300+ yesterday. Amazingly,within a minute I had an adult male King Eider in the scope. I got Liis on the bird and boom,lifer number two. At this point we decided to make our way back north and check harbours for Black Guillemot and Dovekie. Well,not surprisingly, we never had any Dovekies,but we did score great looks at Black Guillemot at several locations. In the coming days we will be on the look out for Eurasian Ducks, Yellow-legged and Slaty-backed Gulls,more Eurasian strays and the now elusive Dovekie. I'll post an update ina couple of days.

Poor quality photo of the Trepassey Redwing. This bird has been very difficult to view and is often visible for only a couple of seconds before dissappearing.


  1. Congrats: that's a pretty good picture of a GREAT bird! Very much enjoying your blog.

    Nick from Ottawa

  2. thanks for visiting. Hopefully I'll be posting record shots of lots of great birds during my big year.


  3. The bird is a 1st winter told by its broad white tertial tips and tips to the greater coverts. Great to get a picture of any quality! I have taken some recently in the UK at

    but we had quite a few to choose from !
    Mark Thomas

  4. Great bird...hopefully some more great stuff will show up.

  5. youtube real birds eye view golden eagle in flight. it wont let me post the link here for you and i am much too lazy right now at quarter after two to email you.

    - manda


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