Thursday, January 14, 2010

January 11-13 Avalon Peninsula Trip List

For the past three days I have been guiding a visiting birder from Cape May. The focus of our trip was Newfoundland winter birds and searching for European strays. We had a great trip and scored almost everything one could expect of a three days January trip to Newfoundland.Highlights of the trip included:

White-winged Crossbill- several
Pine Grosbeak- several and great looks
Boreal Chickadee- many
Common Murre
Great Cormorant
King Eider- imm male and stunning adult male
TUFTED DUCK- over 30!
Eurasian Wigeon
Green-winged Teal (European race)
YELLOW-LEGGED GULL- stunning close views
Black-headed Gull- many
GYRFALCON- dark morph

Passerines and ducks of less interest to visiting birders not mentioned.Conspicuously absent form this list is Dovekie. This usually abundant Alcid,is virtually non-existent this winter- very odd. We did ,however, have it on all previous tours this winter. I think the Redwing,Yellow-legged Gull and Gyrfalcon more than made up for it though!


  1. Hello Dave, I'll happily swap you a few Fieldfare and Redwing for an American Robin. I really enjoy your blog.



  2.!!Heck I'll even send you a Cedar Waxwing or a Song Sparrow in return for a Song Thrush or Eurasian Blackbird- fair deal??


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