Thursday, January 7, 2010

Big Year Hits and Misses

I decided to add a new category in the sidebar column called Big Year Hits and Misses. Basically this will be a list of the birds I chase throughout the year,the round trip distance travelled and whether I was successful(hit)or not(miss). I rarely make long drives just to see a single bird.During last years big year, I never chased a single rarity,aside from a couple within St.John's and hit 240.This year I will chase birds,but will usually be birding that area for an entire day or more, or be using that time to scout the area for future tours, or a spot to bring visiting birders during a private birding tour.

Anyway, I wasn't sure if yesterday's chase was a hit or miss,since I missed the Lapwing(s) that were originally reported,but then found my own and saw another. I decided to go with hit, because I never would have been in the area if I didn't chase the birds that were originally reported.

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