Saturday, January 9, 2010

No New Rarities Today

Despite a full day of searching through berry laden,Mountain Ash trees, I could not find any European Thrushes. This isn't surprising,since I never found and North American Thrushes either! I don't ever remember a winter when all the Mountain Ash weren't stripped of their berries at some point by large flocks or Robins or Waxwings. We assume these birds wil appear in St.John's at some point and it is then, that the chances of seeing Euro Turds increases.

I added a couple of year birds- had a nice experience with an adult Northern Shrike,which is always appreciated. Besides, it nice not to have to worry about that one next fall. There are a still a few lingering birds around, such as Dickcissel and Mockingbird, that I need to pick up,although it is likley that I will see those species at some point before the end of the year.

Well,not much else to add. I've cooked up a scheme to attempt to feed the Northern Lapwing at Bay Bulls (south of STJ) earthworms. I have a friend working on getting worms from a guy he knows that has a worm farm?? Anyway, if we actually try this I'll post the results.

I have some visiting birders in town all next week so will be very busy guiding these folks.I'm looking forward to it.

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