Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Wunderbird Birding Apparel Review- You gotta try this!

We have binoculars, scopes, cameras, tripods, computers, cell phone app, bird guides etc. The list of birding equipment is a long one. However, nothing in the above list is a piece of clothing. We often do not give too much thought to what we wear when birding aside from, is it waterproof, is it warm, we dress in layers. Until a couple of weeks ago I had never seen or even heard of a piece of clothing specifically designed for birding. A piece of clothing that is designed to enhance your birding experience in multiple ways. It has all the same properties of normal outdoor ware but it offers so much more. A number of the features are listed below.
Wunderbird Birding Apparel
Note the massive list of features above- this really is everything you want in birding apparel. It is a piece of equipment that will enhance your birding experience.

I've had the opportunity to test out both the Gyrfalcon hoodie and the Peregrine long sleeve shirt. I was particularly impressed with the hoodie. It's warm enough that you can get away with it alone in single digits C temperatures, yet it seems to breathe well enough that it's comfortable in warmer weather as well. 

While I'm no expert in textiles, both shirts feel as though they are made with extremely high quality material. I used them with binoculars and camera hanging around my neck and there are no signs of premature wear. The sizing seems very exact the shorts are well proportioned. Birders and photographers alike will love the huge amount of storage in these shirts. I was able to carry a 300mm f4 lens in one of the pockets quite comfortably on a 30 minute hike, since I had forgotten my camera bag. As well, the padded shoulders of the hoodie, combined with the padded shoulders of the Peregrine underneath made a huge difference when carrying a scope. While, most tripods these days have some padding on the legs, the padded shoulders on these shirts really do help, especially on a lengthy hike. However, my favourite feature is the upper pouch. I have never been a fan of binocular harnesses- I don't like putting them on and I find them a little confining. However, the amount of neck strain after having bins hanging around your neck all day is noticeable. Introduce Wunderbird! Your bins rest comfortably in the upper pouch and sit there. They don't bounce around while you walk and they are immediately accessible when you need them.
Wunderbird birding shirt, professional birding hoodie
Bins resting in the upper pouch of the Gryfalcon hoodie.

I haven't been able to test the Peregrine long sleeve as much, but it has all the same benefits of the Gyrfalcon, plus it's extremely breathable, yet substantial enough to provide a little warmth. I look forward to using it more in the months to come. The one feature I was skeptical about was the insect repellent properties. I did have a chance to test this out and it really does seem to work! I was birding with a visitor last week, he was covered in black flies and while flies were around me, they were not landing. We were trying to figure out why this was happening since neither of us was wearing repellent, but I was wearing the Peregrine! I look forward to testing this more in the future. I'm not quite sure how it works, but it does! I can't wait to see what Wunderbird comes out with next!

I strongly recommend that people take some time to check out the WUNDERBIRD website.

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