Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Looking Forward to Spring and the Codroy Valley

It really feels liKE spring is on the way in Eastern Newfoundland. Temperatures have been above zero for a few weeks and there is very little snow cover left. Much of Newfoundland has no snow cover at all!

Havinf said that the bird scene has slowed significantly and this has gotten me looking forward to the things to come. However,we are seeing some signs of chang,in fact Black-legged Kittiwakes are already streaming back and they will soon be followed by Murres and Gannets. However it is not until the seocnd week of April that we wil see our first song birds. First we will see returning Robins and Fow Sparrows,thsese will be closely followed by White-throated Sparrows,Savannah and Swampers. Also during this time Hermit Thrushes and Ruby-crowned Kinglets will make their ways back to the Avalon Peninsula. All of this activity will cumlinate of the last two weeks of May when the final flood of birds will appear including all of our warblers,vireos and Flycatchers. This is the time to be birding!

I usually try to get to the Codroy valley each year for a couple of weeks in May-June to really experience summer birding at it's best in Newfoundland. This place is pure magic and the birding is like no where else on the island. The density and diversity of songbirds in this area is truly remarkable. For example last year my fiancee and I did a "big day" in this area and tallied 112 species in a single day!! This is the highest single day count ever in Newfoundaland. It was made up of 15+ species of warblers,3 species of Vireo, 8 species of sparrows,5 species of Blackbird,6 species of flycatcher, 5 species of Thrush and the list goes on and on!!

Just a taste of what the Codroy has to offer....

If you'd like to experience this for yourself,along with stunning scenery and amazing,relaxing,birding experience check out my Codroy valley tour in the curent tours offered section above.

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