Birding Guide Services

I have been birding in Newfoundland for 12 years. During that time I've gained an intimate knowledge of the islands bird life. Whether you looking for a specific target bird, or list of target birds, I can design a tour, or day trip to meet your needs.

I am an accomplished gull watcher and self proclaimed larophile. Up to 12 species of gulls are possible in St.John's in any given day in winter,including Yellow-legged Gull. I also offer gull workshops,designed to demystify gull identification. If your planning a trip to St.John's and would like to add a learning component to your trip,let me know in advance and I can design something specifically for you or your group.

Day Trips

My fee for day trips is $125.00 per day + fuel cost. Fuel cost is calculated at 30 cents/km(8 hours). Each additional hour beyond 8 hours is $25. Payment for day trips is required at the beginning of the day. At this time I accept cash or cheque.

Custom Vacations

I can also design custom vacations for an individual or group. Cost of these tours will largely depend on accomodations and travel within the island. Please contact me if you wish if you are planning a visit but the current offered tours do not suit your needs, I can design a custom tour.