Songbirds Of Newfoundland- An ID Workshop (date TBA)

In the past I have received numerous emails from people asking if
there was a field guide specifically for the birds of Newfoundland, or
a bird song cd that covered Newfoundland birds only. It was with that
in mind that I have decided to offer a Newfoundland songbird workshop.
This workshop is geared toward beginner and intermediate birders and
will focus on learning how to recognize immediately what type of bird
you are looking at, i.e. Warbler, Flycatcher, Sparrow etc. You will
learn the key features to look for when separating songbirds of
various groups.

This is not meant to replace your field guide,but will greatly
enhance your ability to identify Newfoundland birds. In spring and
summer, most bird identifications are made by song. Knowing a birds
song will tip you off to it's presence and will allow you to key on
specific species. This is especially important if you are trying to
photograph particular species. This workshop will give you a great
start in in Newfoundland bird song ID.

For those of you that participated in the gull workshops,the format
will be very similar.

The workshop will include:

2 (3hr)classroom sessions
1 (4hr) field session
covers identification of about 80 species of songbirds,by sight and
Powerpoint presentation of all material, as well as a cd of recorded
bird songs of all species covered.
Cost: $125

***NOTE*** Terra Nova Birding Weekend participants receive a 50%
discount. Codroy Valley Tour participants receive this tour for free!!

Attached is an add for the tour. If you can't identifiy all of these
species at a glance and hear their song in your head,then you will
benefit from this workshop.

Maximum of 9 participants,with a few places already reserved. If you
are interested in this workshop please contact me at asap to reserve your spot.

Introduction to Gull Identification-February 5th, 2011 Cost $40

I have received a couple of emails from people who were interested in the introductory Gull identification workshop but were unable to attend the at the time. Therefore, I will be offering this workshop again on January 9th. We will be focusing on learning feather groups and ageing. Given that gulls can looked markedly different as they age it is imperative to correctly age any gull before attempting to identify it to species. In this workshop I will teach how to correctly age 2,3 and 4 year Gulls. If you unsure what that means,this is even more reason to attend the workshop. As well,before you can age a gull it is essential to know what to look for and to have an understanding of the feather groups that comprise a gulls plumage. After this workshop you should have an good understanding of how to correctly age all gulls that spend the winter in Newfoundland.Participants from the last workshop were thrilled with their new found abilities and were very successful in ageing gulls in our field session that followed the classroom portion and have done well in the quiz gull series that is still ongoing. To book your place in this workshop please contact me via email at Cost and other details available below- click to enlarge the image.

Gull Identidication II-February 12-13 or 12th and 19th ,2011 $85

The second installment in my gull workshop series will be offered the weekend of January 23-24. This workshop will be very comprehensive and will cover all species that regularly winter in St'John's.The material will be presented in such a way that I will be comparing similar species in similar plumages. For example, adult Glaucous Gull vs Iceland Gull1,1st winter Herring Gull vs 1st winter Greater Black-backed Gull vs 1st winter Lesser Black-backed Gull, Common Gull vs Ring-billed Gull in all plumage's,Black-headed Gull vs Bonapartes Gulls in all plumage's and more! At the end, I will thoroughly discuss the identification of Yellow-legged Gulls, comparing them to possible identification pitfalls presented by Herring Gull X Lesser Black-backed Gulls and some pale Lesser Black-backed Gulls.

Also, of great importance I'll provide a thorough presentation of the moult cycles for all species we can expect to see. Moult state is something that all experienced gull watchers consider when identifying gulls. Different species moult at different times of year and having this knowledge often makes the difference in some identifications. Of course, everyone will be provided with a soft copy of all the material,in the form of a power point presentation.When the workshop is over you will have the option of participating in an ongoing Quiz bird series that will serve to further reinforce the material learned in the classroom and field sessions.

Due to the comprehensive nature of this workshop I can only accept a maximum of 8 participants.Please contact me if you wish to reserve a spot.( if you are interested but can only attend one day please contact me and we'll work something out).