Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jack Snipe Video

NOTE: this is not video of the NL Jack Snipe***

This has been a busy week with leading a tour group, teaching gull workshop and documenting cryptic Euro mega rarities. Due to this I don't have much time to prepare material for posting. In fact, I'm heading out again with Paul Linegar (finder of the jack Snipe) to do a little "Sniping". Is that even a word? Probably not, well who cares. The point is we are in the midst of an unpredented influx of European birds. It certainly appears that there are multiple Common Snipes and why couldn't there be more than one Jack Snipe?!

Anyway, I'm on my way out, so I'll leave you with this video of a Jack Snipe. This is very much like we hope to see here. Feeding in a wet patch of open ground during a cold snap. Hopefully I'll be seeing this in life very soon!

Jack Snipe

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