Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How Far Would You Go??

Pople bird for different reasons. Some just liek getting out in nature, others live for the thrill of the chase or the adreneline rush that comes when you find a mega rarity. Then there are others who live for the praise and acclaim they receive from fellow birdser for some amazing find. It's true, it feels good to get a pat on the back for uncovering an overdue first record, bit how far would you go? There are those amonung us who need that praise and acclaim so bad that they are willing to falsly claim rare birds just to get it! However, tehre is a problem with this system. After a birder reports a bunch of big rarities that never get refound, people start getting suspicious and soon people start to ignore the reports. The birder is quickly dubbed astringer and people move on.

I was looking over the surfbirds forums yesterday and found something remarkable, not overly surprising but remarkable. Some Armenian birder (appears to have) actually planted a prepared specimen in a tree and claimed it as a rare bird!!Said person then proceeded to photograph the bird and even completed a write up documenting it as a first occurence for the country!! This is birding fraud!! If it's not illegal it's shameful and ridiculous. I have been wondering if in this digital age we would see people doctoring photos in an effort to claim rare birds,but this is taking things to a while new level. Clcik the link below for the actual report and the photo what sure looks like a no longer living, Black-winged Kite.

Black-winged Kite in Armenia

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